Campaigns & Writing Samples

Press Release for Michael J. Ferguson:

Michael J. Ferguson Press Release

All of the campaigns created below were created during my masters program at Iona College.

PR616: Publicity Campaigns 

In PR616, I had to pitch a full campaign idea a company including a deep description of my campaign rationale, explaining and justifying the need for it, how it will address company issues, to what audiences it’s directed, timeline and intended outcome. The company I chose was Old Spice, and the idea behind the campaign I created was to revamp their image after several people sued them for experiencing burns after using Old Spice products.

Old Spice Report (PDF)


Feature Article
Press Release



PR609: Writing for the Media

Media Advisory


Tip Sheet



Strategic Message Planner

Capture st jude

Publicity Plan



PR615: Principles of Public Relations

In this class, I was challenged to apply communication theory and elements to public relations and develop crucial creative skills in tactics, communication, strategy and evaluation for an effective PR campaign. I choose to use The Body Shop as my “client” and created an anti-bullying campaign and event, which I called the “Beauty Workshop.”

Media Adv
Media Advisory
fact sheet
Fact Sheet


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Tip Sheet


PR691: Crisis Communications 

In PR691, I created a crisis communications prevention plan. Each student was expected to write a full communications plan for a corporate entity or individual they have selected. I chose Victoria’s Secret and launched a “Healthy Body” campaign.


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Prevention Plan PDF Version

Prevention Plan Report


PR617: Media Relations

I created a campaign for Ben & Jerry’s in collaboration with their partner company, Greyston Bakery. Below you will find the presentation and background on the campaign and mock pitch letters that I wrote to journalists.

Ben and Jerry’s Powerpoint

Pitch Letters